Watch on your phone or tablet

To use CANAL+ on your phone or tablet, download the app from your app store. Login with your My CANAL+ details. 

Watch on your laptop or computer

To use CANAL+ on your laptop or computer, you will need the following: 

- A CANAL+ subscription
- Your My CANAL+ login details
- A device that meets the system requirements
- An internet connection with a minimum speed of 4 Mbit/s

You can watch CANAL+ on p

Watch on your smart TV

To watch CANAL+ on your smart TV, you need a television that supports the use of our app. 
- Install the CANAL+ app from your TV’s app store.  
- To log into CANAL+ and pair your TV, a QR code will appear.  
- Go to the CANAL+ app on your phone or tablet.  
- Click on your profile (top right). In Connected devices, go to Pair TV with QR code.  
Follow the instructions on your TV screen. 

Watch CANAL+ on the Ziggo media box

Download the CANAL+ app on your Next Mini, Mediabox Next or Mediabox XL. Log in with your My CANAL+ details. 

Watch on Apple TV, Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV

Cast to other devices within our app.    
You can also find our app in the App store of your Apple TV, in the Google Play Store of your Chromecast and in the app store of your Fire TV Stick. Log in with your CANAL+ login details. 

See also: System requirements.

Watch outside the EU

You cannot use the CANAL+ streaming platform outside the EU because we do not have broadcasting rights outside the EU. 

Use CANAL+ only on a smart TV in the Netherlands

EU regulations do not allow CANAL+ to be watched on a smart TV outside the Netherlands. Outside the Netherlands, you can watch with your computer, laptop, phone or tablet. 

Create and managing a profile

After logging in to CANAL+, you have the option to create different profiles (up to ten). This makes it easy to keep track of your favourite movies or TV shows or to continue watching from where you left off. You will also receive recommendations based on your viewing history. 

Create an additional profile

Click on the profile icon top right and add a profile. Here you can also easily switch profiles. 

Set up parental controls

Click on the profile icon top right. Go to Parental Controls in Settings. Turn Parental Controls on or off.  You need a PIN code to turn them off. By default, this PIN code is 1234. You can also change your PIN code under Parental Controls. 

Add Titles to My videos list

If you have found a TV show or movie that you would like to watch, add it to the My video list by clicking on the star icon. The movie or TV show can then be found bottom left under My videos. 

Download TV shows of movies

Do you want to watch a TV show or movie later without an internet connection? Make sure you are connected to the internet. Click Download and choose the quality. You can find titles you have downloaded under My Downloads in your profile.  

Do you want to save data and only download a title over Wi-Fi? Go to My Downloads in your profile and disable Mobile data download. 

Please note that not all movies and TV shows are available for download.  

Change subtitles

Below you will find per device where you can change the settings for audio and subtitles: 
. On your phone or tablet: go to Language settings bottom left.  
. On your computer or laptop in your web browser: go to Language settings bottom right

Change CANAL+ video quality

Do you stream without Wi-Fi? Go to ‘Mobile data usage’ in your profile and choose: 

- Low quality: 1 hour of viewing corresponds to 0.45 GB of data 
- Average quality: 1 hour of viewing corresponds to 0.7 GB of data 
- Better quality: 1 hour of viewing corresponds to 1.35 GB of data 
- Best quality: 1 hour of viewing corresponds to 2 GB of data 

Do you only want to watch with a Wi-Fi internet connection? In ‘Mobile data usage’, select ‘Wi-Fi streaming only’. With Wi-Fi, you automatically stream in the best video quality.