Forgotten your password

Go to and enter your email address. Click on Send. You will receive an email with a link to create a new password. 

I cannot log into the app

Follow these steps: 
- Go to Mijn CANAL+ , and see if your login details work. If necessary, request a password reset. You can do this at
- If you can log in, make sure you have an active account. If you do not have an active account, this is because it has been cancelled or something may have gone wrong with the last payment.
- Reactivate your account by making a new payment.
- Use the same login details you used on My CANAL+ to log into our app.

I have no picture

Check that your device is connected to the Internet by visiting a web page. Do you have internet? Then check whether you have installed the latest version of the CANAL+ app. You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the app to make sure everything is properly installed. 

If you watch via the website, check whether you have installed the correct version of the browser. If necessary, try to delete your cookies and website data from your browser. The procedure can vary per browser; see your browser’s help pages. 

Improve my video quality

A poor internet connection results in lower image quality. Your internet connection must be at least 4 Mbit/s. We recommend a higher internet speed. This helps prevent buffering and automatic quality reduction. In the app, top right, you will see an indication of the quality you are now receiving based on your speed.  

Improve video quality over Wi-Fi

- Check that you are connecting to the correct network.
- Reconnect to your network: Click ‘Forget this network’ and then reconfigure the network.
- If necessary, restart your router.
- Check the distance to your router. Make sure there are as few obstacles as possible between you and your router. This includes thick walls, ceilings, sofas.
- Check the internet speed with your provider.

Still having trouble connecting? Then contact your internet service provider. TIP If necessary, try to download the title so that you can continue watching without any buffering. 

The sound is not synchronised with the picture

The lack of synchronization is often due to connected audio equipment. Disconnect external audio equipment (soundbar, speakers, wireless headphones) and then try again.

Some equipment such as sound bars can adjust your sound synchronization in the settings. Check this in the settings of your connected equipment

Are you casting from a mobile device? Then check your connection and try pairing the device again.